Sunday, April 27, 2014

An Idea for Smartphone/Tablet Manufacturers

The Caveat: I thought I had this really great technology idea. I know it would be really great for me; I don't know whether it would excite many other people. Upon very brief research, I found out that it is being tried, though it is recent and details were scant (nonetheless, any claim I could have made to originality have been flushed down the toilet).

The Idea: Create a smartphone-tablet duo. It would be a smartphone that could live inside a tablet when not in use. This would not be a dock for a smartphone and a tablet; it would also not be a smartphone-tablet hybrid (although that is what Asus calls theirs; but "hybrid" has been used to refer to tablets like the Samsung Galaxy 10 which is not what I am referring to). The smartphone and tablet would remain two distinct devices but the smartphone would have a dock on the back of the tablet somewhere. Ideally, the smartphone could charge when docked in the tablet and users could move apps and music and other files between the two devices by simply swiping.

The AdvantagesSyncing the two devices would be more streamlined. Most of the time I would have only one device to keep track of instead of two. This would also probably mean that I would have a lot fewer apps on my phone. In addition, when driving I would not be tempted to pick up the phone (a temptation against which I am fairly strong except when on barren, boring interstates) -- assuming of course that I had the self-discipline to always dock the phone in the tablet before driving.

Just an idea. We'll have to see what comes of Asus'.