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A Word: Crypto-systematics

For at least two reasons, I have decided that it is high time that I actually finish John Howard Yoder’s The Politics of Jesus -- the first being that if I am to be well-versed in theology and ethics of the last few decades (even as a lay or non-theologian), then Yoder’s is a seminal work; and the second being that I want to know whether I am truly a Christian pacifist or not.

All of the political and theological implications of that paragraph aside, Yoder coins a humdinger of a word in his very first chapter. Here is the extended context with the word in bold:

By what right does one dare seek to throw a cable across the chasm which usually separates the disciplines of New Testament exegesis and contemporary social ethics? Normally any link between these realms of discourse would have to be extremely long and indirect. First there is an enormous distance between past and present to be covered by way of hermeneutics from exegesis to contemporary theology; then still another long leg must…