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May 2012 Solar Eclipse

Blogging has been sparce around here lately, mainly because I have been in Japan on a missions trip for a while. But last week, while in Nagoya, I saw a full solar eclipse. It was Monday, May 21, and it was the first time in nearly a millenium that a solar eclipse had been visible from this area of the world.

So that raises the important linguistic question, which language has the more descriptive word for "solar eclipse"?

English: solar eclipse (literally, "failure to appear [on the part of the sun]")
Spanish: eclipse solar
French: éclipse solaire
Japanese: 日食 (literally, "sun eating" or "an eating of the sun")

Voting for Top Language Blogs

Don't forget to vote over the next couple of weeks for your favorite language blogs (and Facebook and Twitter pages). Check out the lists over at Lexiophiles--and vote for Langue or Parole? (if you really think it's the best).

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Evening devotions with our two-year-old, Jeremy, have come from a bilingual Japanese-English book titled Jesus and the Cross. It is a compilation of Scripture accompanied by illustrations.

Tonight's illustration was a slightly more graphic version than the one here of Jesus being beaten as he carries his cross. Jeremy understands that only Jesus is good in this story and that many bad men are around him. As we looked at the picture and read the passage tonight, he pointed to a Roman soldier flogging Jesus, and very quietly said, "It's Jeremy."

Top 100 Language Lovers 2012

I was nominated again this year to be in the LexiophilesTop 100 Language Lovers competition! I didn't exactly win (or even place) last year, but it's cool to be part of the competition. I was put in the Language Professionals' Blogs category. Cool. I'm a Language Professional.
Voting starts on May 15th, so if you like Langue or Parole?, feel free to vote for me then. Hey, I don't mind if you vote for me.