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Immigration Misconception #1: Open borders are anarchic.

A misconception is a misunderstanding, one that probably leads to a misuse of language. We finally come to a misconception about immigration in this series on myths, fallacies, and misconceptions about immigration.

As a term, open borders is misused in two main ways, both of which come from the dishonesty inherent in our nature and in our political discourse. As this blog likes to emphasize, everything eventually comes down to language. Most people simply do not understand what the term open borders means, or they abuse it. Although it is fine for us all to use terms according to common usage, it is ethically suspect to turn them into rhetorical weapons and twist what others mean by them. Open borders, as well as words like evangelical and socialism, is one of those unfortunate linguistic constructions that we could call Frequently Abused Terms (FATs). How is the term open borders misused?

Open borders ≠ anarchy
Contrary to most conservative popular opinion, open borders do not equal ana…