Monday, December 3, 2012

New Poll: Christmas Traditions

Up goes a poll that will stay on the sidebar here at Langue or Parole? for the Christmas season: What Christmas tradition(s) is a must for you and your family? You can select more than one, actually. And if you have something not on this list, leave us a comment to let us in on your special traditions. Merry Christmas!

Advent calendar
Advent wreath
Candlelight service
Christmas tree
Nativity scene
Turkey dinner
Watching a specific movie.

1 comment:

  1. Poll results:

    The cannot-do-without Christmas traditions (getting a vote from everyone who participated) were a Christmas tree, gifts, a nativity scene, stockings, and watching a specific movie.

    A couple of people also voted for an Advent calendar and a turkey dinner.

    Only one person each voted for the following: Advent wreath, candlelight service, and Other (but did not specify).

    No one voted for caroling--is this a tradition of bygone days? A bit awkward perhaps, in our era of, um, awkward flashmobs and the like.