Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hermeneutics: Brunner on Systematic Theology and the Bible

In a book that I find interesting for having parts that I either completely disagree with or entirely agree with, Emil Brunner makes the following statement:

We should leave the Scripture as it is, unsystematic, in all its parts; otherwise we pervert its message.
Emil Brunner, "Eternal Election," Our Faith
Brunner says this in the context of arguing against double predestination. He has a good point about Scripture (though, of course, he is systematizing it to a degree in his brief dogmatics). I do not think it fully defends his position against double predestination, however, [ALERT: unproven assertion] for double predestination is not an inevitable biblical conclusion but an inevitable logical conclusion given some of Brunner's theological presuppositions. Theology goes awry when it starts off with the wrong hermeneutics.

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