Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hermeneutics: Vanhoozer on Meaning and the Bible

In a book that I am very excited to be reading and hope to have more to say about, Kevin J. Vanhoozer makes the following statement:

While I agree with many contemporary thinkers that meaning is more than a matter of naming, I continue to share Plato's concern to defend the possibility of speaking truly.
Kevin Vanhoozer, "Philosphy and Literary Theory: From Plato to Postmodernity," Is There a Meaning in This Text?
Vanhoozer insists on the possibility of meaning within the context of a trinitarian theology. He not only addresses all of the pertinent issues of hermeneutics and literary theory, but also of morals and theology. If Wittgenstein is a linguist's philosopher, then Vanhoozer may be a linguist's theologian.


  1. Ever read this? Vanhoozer is on my active to-read shelf... I do hope to get around to him soon.

  2. I have skimmed Poythress's Symphonic Theology. I have also read some of his book on God and language--need to finish that one. Look for a comparative review of Vanhoozer and day...maybe...if I have time...