Sunday, March 4, 2012

What He Wanted?

In sports, Ron Artest's official name change to Metta World Peace is not one of the top ten stories of the 2011-2012 NBA season, but it is among the most bizarre.

In relation to that, the Los Angeles Lakers (World Peace's team) beat the Miami Heat tonight. And Greg Beacham of the Associated Press, had some fun with the new name.

I thought it was hoaky and dorky for Artest to change his name to something as odd as Metta World Peace, especially when he is known less for a meek, peaceful temperament than one of the biggest brawls in NBA history. But it does appear that tonight he tried to be a peacemaker, although the video shows other players besides just him trying to break up a potential scuffle. Beacham wrote of the incident:
When [Lebron] James slightly shoved Troy Murphy in frustration after missing a layup at the third-quarter buzzer, [Pau] Gasol stepped in to challenge James, earning matching technical fouls before officials and World Peace restored order. 

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