Saturday, March 2, 2013

On Impossible-to-Use Quotations

I am not sure whether it is profound or superficial to like pithy, sum-up-all-of-life-in-a-sentence-or-two quotations, but I like them. Sometimes I come across quotations so good that they almost take my breath away just like an awesome vista of nature; if they don't literally do that, they do stop me in my tracks and force me to meditate and re-read and marvel at them. Unfortunately, however, some of these quotations are very difficult to share because of their context. Without quoting almost a page or two, some of these quotations would not be understandable. Do you ever have that experience? I have one like that that I want to share in the next day or two. It's SO good, that I just have to share, even it means giving more context.

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