Thursday, September 15, 2011

St. Isaac of Syria on Truth

I found the following attributed to St. Isaac of Syria:
Someone who is considered among men to be zealous for truth has not yet learnt what truth is really like: once he has truly learnt it, he will cease from zealousness on its behalf.
Does he mean that excessive zeal may indicate that one does not fully understand truth, that it shows perhaps what one wants to be true but is not sure of? When we know the truth, we can rest in it. When we know the truth, after all, it sets us free.


  1. Love this quote - I'm going to steal - I mean apprehend it. Reminds me of years ago some evangelical Christians I heard refer to some new converts being in "the cage stage," meaning that it would be good if we could cage them up until they stop thinking they must talk nonstop to whoever is there to listen. I have also heard that Buddhists may observe of someone who is new to meditation, "He stinks of zen."

  2. Hi Charles--Feel free to apprehend, because that's what I did too! I guess all quotes are apprehended multiple times.