Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Language News Update - Part 1

It has been 13 months since the last Language News Update here. By most standards then, this post is no longer newsworthy. To start the new year, we present some of the most important news and research from the sundry fields of language sciences.

Most of the language news from 2012 has to do with children. Today's post thus serves as part 1 of this Language News Update, focusing on the non-adults. Let's take it from the start, beginning with babies and even before birth:
Moving on to toddlers and older children:
And not to forget adolescents, and human beings in general:

  • Sorry, teens, but not much has changed in spite of several decades now of solid descriptivist work and attempts to temper linguistic prescriptivism: you're still going to be pushed to speak "properly" (not to mention to write "properly"). Unfortunately, none of the people who bully you in that regard are likely going to tell you what that really means and why you should really do it, because they probably don't know themselves, even though they think they do. (Okay, that was a bit long and rather harsh, but true.)
  • Anyone want a big brain? Learn language!

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