Monday, January 14, 2013

An Important Humanitarian Question

I have an important humanitarian question: What happens to those people in action movies who are innocently driving along in their own cars in a metropolis when someone with otherwise good intentions (a police officer, Batman, a paramilitary dude) comes along and forces them out of the car at gunpoint so they can take the car and chase someone who is a general menace to humankind?

I do not mean what happens to the actual people in those movies. They are paid actors who, most likely, are much better off in life than I am in terms of financial remuneration for their work.

What I mean is, what happens to people who may actually have been in that situation (had their vehicle commandeered by the "good guys")? Assuming of course, that this actually happens, and I do assume that, since it's on TV, so it must be real life, right?
This is a humanitarian problem not on the same scale of famine, water deprivation, slavery, or actual car theft at gunpoint, but it's a humanitarian problem nonetheless. I always, always feel bad for those people in the movies. Put yourself in their place--it would pretty much ruin my day (or week). Does anybody care about them, or are they just collateral in the bigger fight against Evil?


  1. Last time it happened to me, I felt honored. I mean, it's not every day the CIA asks *me to use *my car.
    (It's true he didn't really ask but I've rewritten that part of my memory to make myself feel better. It's not gonna change so I might as well like it.)

  2. Wesley, you have an excellent point. I had not thought of it in that way before. So rather than victimization, we actually have a situation of serving one's country here.