Saturday, August 27, 2011

Children's Brains Miniseries: Boys and Girls Not So Different?

I always react viscerally when people (even experts) try to make absolute distinctions between men and women, boys and girls, male and female. [ALERT: unproven assertion] So many of these distictions seem to be artificial at best and trumped up at worst.

Sure, there are neurological differences. But they should not lead us to superiority or inferiority complexes--and definitely not to extreme measures like keeping boys and girls away from each other in school. As noted in the article, there are "few reliable differences between boys' and girls' brains relevant to learning or education."

I am probably wrong and people who really like their boys' school, girls' school, or women's college will be upset with me. But research does support my visceral feelings! Research, for that matter, probably supports anything.

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