Saturday, August 27, 2011

Children's Brains Miniseries: Importance of Preschool

I should give the caveat that any time I refer my (imaginary) blog readers to research that I find interesting, I am always aware that the research is much more limited and tentative than a blog post title can make it seem. This is a caveat that one should always also bear in mind about news headlines, whether it refers to education, language, obesity, vaccines, or even Congress.
So with that said, let me refer you to another article from ScienceDaily highlighting the importance of preschool in language development.

As a language teacher/professional, I am encouraged by a comment from the author of the Vanderbilt University study: "We need to take very seriously the importance of teaching language in the preschool years."

As a parent, I am encouraged because 1) my son has a robust educational experience at the day care he attends from time to time and 2) whether it is in an official preschool or not, he is having language (multiple languages, actually) reinforced and taught in a structured environment at home as well.

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