Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello World

This is a blog about language(s) and linguistics. Two or three feeble (and thus understandably unsuccessful) attempts on my part to find good linguistics blogs, combined with inspiration from other well-run blogs, have led me to start my own blog.

My main interests are French and language pedagogy, since I am an aspiring French teacher studying for a doctorate in French, and so strictly speaking not really a linguist. But I thought that a blog about language and linguistics in general might attract a broader “bloggership” who could also expose me to information in other areas of interest beyond my focus on French: linguistics, language acquisition, multilingualism, pragmatics, translation, cultural studies, and, of course, languages beyond just French.

So I hope to use this blog as a forum to discuss current research in languages and linguistics, news and historical background on linguists as well as writers who use language well, and reading suggestions.

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