Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dispose of that Translation

Mi esposa tomó esta foto en el baño público de un centro comercial. Es un letrero que alguien intentó de traducir del inglés, tal vez usando un programa de traducción. Salió bastante mal y chistosa la traducción y parece que una compradora hispanoparlante decidió de corregirla. Hay que decirle a mi esposa que regrese al baño ¡a ver si han cambiado el letrero!

 A blogger friend and French professor extraordinaire, ivman, has the best online collection of funny signs I know of. I am posting my first funny sign today, and also my first example of bad translation (a common feature on most translation/language blogs).

I am totally not making this up. This is a sign that my wife saw recently in a mall restroom (she took the photo, incidentally). Though she is Mexican, a Spanish professor, and  a freelance interpreter/translator, she was not the one that corrected the nonsensical, very poor, very funny (machine?) translation.

The new translation is okay (it makes sense at least, though grammar could be improved), but the original says (if I can back-translate a bad translation), "Make please not dispose of baby to wipe, the diapers nor sanitary products in sinks. The fabric of the sink only."

Which is funnier, the poor translation or the fact that someone took it upon herself to correct it?

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