Thursday, July 28, 2011

Huguenots in New Platz, NY

I recently visited New Platz in New York state on my trip to Montreal, Canada. Apart from being a charming little town in the middle of New York, New Platz also has a lot of Huguenot history. There is a street named Huguenot street with several buildings built by the Huguenots who arrived and settled in the area. There is also a Reformed church, though it is no longer Huguenot.

The historical marker on Huguenot Street says New Platz in German (Die Pfalz) because the Huguenots who came to New York, though obviously French, actually arrived from Germany rather than directly from France. They had already fled to Germany before seeking a permanent home in North America. They named their village after the town in Germany where they had lived.

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