Friday, April 8, 2011


Which word "best" captures the meaning of Lent?

English: Lent, meaning "lenghtening of daylight" (i.e., springtime)

French: Carême, meaning "the 40th day before Easter"

Spanish: Cuaresma, meaning "the 40th day before Easter"

Japanese: 受難節, meaning "time of suffering"


  1. Fascinating information! I think I like the Japanese coupled with the English. It is a time to acknowledge and dwell with suffering - and it is a season marked by the hope of light coming into our darkness.

  2. I hadn't thought of combining meanings, but I like that.

  3. I suppose I could also change the translation of the Japanese to "season of suffering." The last word of 受難節 (ju-NAN-setsu) is also used in the Japanese word to refer to the four seasons. So it could also remind of what season of the year we are in when remembering Christ's sufferings.