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In Search of a Diploma Frame

Je cherche un cadre (est-ce que c'est le mot ?) pour mon certificat de maîtrise. Il m'en faut un des dimensions A4. C'est presque impossible à trouver aux Etats-Unis. Au secours !

Estoy buscando un cuadro/marco donde poner mi certificado de maestría. Recibí la maestría de una universidad en Inglaterra, así que el tamaño es A4, lo cual no encuentro en los EEUU (y la universidad no vende cuadros tampoco). ¡Ayúdame por favor!

My second master's degree was in Translation Studies, and I received it at the end of 2010 from the University of Portsmouth, of Portsmouth, England. The programme (my English has been significantly influenced by work on this degree) was entirely distance learning, giving me good exposure to a significant trend of the 21st century.

What I am needing help with is finding a frame or holder for my diploma. The paper is A4, so I haven't found anything here in the U.S. that would hold it.

If you can direct me to a fairly inexpensive A4-sized diploma/certificate frame/holder, I will be beholden to you! And I will translate anything (not terribly long) for you for free as long as it's in a language I know and going into a language I know! 


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