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About Polls

Polls are really easy to design for a blog, I recently found out. Plus, they are a fun, non-scientific way to find out who is reading your blog and what your readers know. Polls here at Langue or Parole? will appear in the right sidebar and generally be about some word or language trivia.

A few self-evident points about polls...

1) You are anonymous when you vote.
2) So guess the answer rather than looking it up if you do not already know the answer. This way we'll see how people do and you don't have to worry if you got it wrong.
3) If you want to throw off my polls, vote several times by using different computers.
4) It won't matter because these polls are not for the purpose of obtaining accurate statistics for social science reports or dissertations.
5) Andrew Lang, a Scottish novelist, must be credited for the all-time best quotation about statistics: 

He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts,
for support rather than illumination.

Check out the new (and first!) poll at the top of the sidebar about the word kermés. What language uses that word (written that way)? Cast your vote!


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