Saturday, June 11, 2011


So to recap this week, as well as the previous week, blogging here has mostly focused on Google Translate and intellectual standards, especially in regard to honesty and engagement beyond one's specific area of specialization. In regard to the latter, Michel Arrivé kindly summarized his thoughts in Thursday's guest post, pointing out that while one should be knowledgeable, one does not have to be an expert to discuss a given domain (specifically psychoanalysis in his case).

My interest in all of this has been the issues of authority (conferred by a mere degree or title?), honesty, and specialization. I think this can be summed up in one word: limitations. We must recognize our limitations: no one person can know everything. But we can be knowledgeable in areas beyond our specialization and, if knowledgeable, should be admitted to discussions.

So to round out the week, and to tie in Google Translate with this more serious discussion, here is a demotivational poster, which I will put through GT and see what happens.

Google Translate
Until you spread your wings, you'll have no idea how far you can walk.
Tant que vous déployez vos ailes, jusqu'à quel point vous pouvez vous promener serait considérée.
Hasta que extendió sus alas, hasta qué punto se puede caminar sería considerado.
Until you spread your wings, how far you can walk would be considered.

Image credit: (used with permission)

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