Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Poll: Intellectual Standards

The results are in for the first Langue or Parole? poll! It was not a failure--there was a staggering total of five votes (1 for Dutch, 2 for Portuguese, 0 for Serbian, and 2 for Spanish). The right answer to the question (Which language uses the word kermés?) is Spanish. The word is written quermesse in Portuguese, and in all uses it can be traced to the Dutch kermesse.

The second Langue or Parole? poll begins today and is a different type from the first. The kermés poll was factual--participants either got the answer right or they didn't. This second poll is subjective. It solicits your opinion on an issue. The issue is intellectual standards. The question is, which of the five intellectual standards in the poll do you think is the most important: clarity, creativity, honesty, humility, or relevance?

I have blogged about only one of these (honesty), but all are very important to me, especially as a doctoral student who does a lot of research and thus has ample evidence that one or more of these standards is often lacking in scholarly writing and debate.

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  1. Results for poll on intellectual standards (which is the most important?):

    Clarity 1
    Creativity 0
    Honesty 2
    Humility 0
    Relevance 1